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Web Audio and Video Production

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Web Audio and Video Production

Through our partners we provide concept development, production, post production, and project management for a wide range of audio and video based media. We help you take your communications beyond the written word to help you unlock your vision and create audio and video with real impact and memorability.

As for best delivery method, we can discuss the best option based on your content and your intended goals. 

Audio Approaches

Audio Postcard – this is an ideal tool for presenting short content and distributing to your network of contacts.  Files can be accessible via your website, and would function primarily as an email blast with a link.   This option can be self managed and we would provide initial consultation, creative development and implementation strategies.  Your investment would be your time.  Ideally this is produced regularly so that you or  your clients expect to receive your next postcard.  There is minimal cost in setting up a hosting solution.

Audio clip – Clips can range in duration from 3 minutes to about 1 hour, although we recommend considering how you present your information.  We could produce some “highlight” clips that give your clients an overview and they can choose to listen to the entire piece by “clicking here”.  This is a great way to present concepts and walk your clients through the process.  We can provide the recording services, creative development and work with you on integrating on your website.  Again, if you prefer to manage your own content, we can provide the initial consultation and setup.

Audio Podcast – These are produced with regular frequency and require a commitment of time.   Listeners subscribe to your podcast and are automatically fed your new post through their podcast viewer (most commonly ITunes).  This is a great tool and a measurable tool, but you need to be consistent.   Podcasts can run from 5 minutes to over an hour.  Your listeners may come from all over the world.  Once they receive your podcast it can be easily transferred to their IPod for listening on the go.  This is ideal for broadening your audience and developing yourself as an expert in your field.  You will require an rss functional page to manage the podcast feeds.

As for creative approach, in all cases you want to consider your content, is it a lecture style or would you want an interview, banter approach?  We find that having two people talking and questioning is very effective and entertaining to listen to.  The audience tends to gain more insight into the host this way.

Video Approaches

Online Video – This can be a video presentation featuring you on camera, or we can incorporate your PowerPoint slides along with the audio commentary.   Using the PowerPoint will be a very effective way of taking your audio content to the next level.  A video shoot is always an option and I would suggest shooting several at a time.  If you are presenting for a group then we recommend also capturing some of those presentations on video, though they don’t usually translate well for a web video the content is terrific to use as cutaways.  Your investment in a full shoot would be higher than in the PowerPoint option.  Duration on video tends to be shorter 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

We can pre –package a few videos and you can choose to either archive them on the site or change them out every so often to provide fresh content on your site. 

Video Podcast – We can incorporate the same content as the online video.  Again, podcasts are subscribed to and do require an rss page designed to support that.  We provide production through to managing the hosting depending on your needs.  This tool does require a time commitment, as podcasts need to be delivered with frequency.  Duration for video podcasts is usually 3 minutes to 12 minutes.

Other techniques you may consider are Audio or Video testimonials from your raving fans. 

We look forward to discussing your needs in more detail and once we have an understanding of the duration, content and approach, contact us so we can provide some budget estimates for you.