life lessons can help in business

During the GTA power outage, we had our power for our office and home out for more than 80 hours. We were lucky because our fireplace kept us reasonably warm. Here are lessons learned from the experience: Make sure you own a generator. If you own a generator make sure you test it on a [...]


new mobile game dragon prince

We have a new mobile game/app supporting website. We have tried to make it easier for our users to contact us but more importantly for them to see, download and review our mobile games and apps. Please take a quick look and let us know what you think: TMHR Secret Society We are working on [...]


Try Our Free iTunes Photo App: iToon Maker – Best Camera Effects

free iphone photo app

I thought you might be interested in seeing an image I took using my iPhone and our new iToon Maker, Best Camera Effects app. It was a lucky shot but the iToons filter makes the image look more powerful. Fred is such a wonderful pet I may be a little bias. iToon Maker is an [...]

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When to Shut Down a Mobile Game Project

lessons learned during mobile game development

At tmhr consulting we have been hard at work researching, designing and developing mobile games and apps. It has been hard work and we are just starting to see the results from all this hard work. We have learned a number of very important lessons along the way but one we are still trying to [...]

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Custom Games and Custom App Development Projects

custom app developer toronto

Here is an update on the latest Custom Games and Apps Published by tmhr consulting. Peel Scrap Metal Recycling App The one mobile app that we designed and developed for a client is the Peel Scrap Metal Recycling App Press Release. This app is an extension from the Peel Scrap Metal Recycling website we designed, [...]

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Drag and Drop Text Parsing for Custom Development Application

web application development toronto

We are working on a very interesting custom application project for a partner of ours to help him and his customers keep track of their projects. Text Parsing for Data Conversion We ran into a problem that initially we solved using very complicated special character functions. We wanted to be able to take a text [...]

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Graphics that Can Make or Break your Mobile Game

toronto game developer

There are a number of other issues that need to be considered when dealing with the graphics files required to complete a mobile game. Animation for main and alternative character movement Orientation of character and obstacles Size of characters vs. obstacle and power up images Image quality and matching of game supporting screens The right [...]

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Kudos to Apple Development Support

apple development support feedback

We don’t usually get an opportunity to tell vendors that they did a great job. We seem to spend too much of our time bitching and complaining about how bad a job they are doing. But recently Apple had their Developer support servers broken into and hacked. We dont really know to what extent the [...]

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Managing Custom Development Projects Using Outsourced Resources

tips for interviewing contractors

The design development testing and implementation of a custom web application can be a daunting effort at the best of times. But doing it with outsourced resources has its own requirements and issues. At tmhr consulting we have been designing and developing custom web applications for many years. Recently we added the same services for [...]

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Designing and Developing Mobile Games

mobile game development toronto

Designing and developing mobile video games can be very risky and time consuming, but a lot of fun. Mobile Game Styles and Themes At tmhr consulting we have been designing and developing mobile games for a number of months now. The game styles including runner shooter, runner, space shooter and themes range from ninja, zombie [...]

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