10 Business Networking Rules to Help Grow Your Business

by tmhr consulting

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how to get and give more business partner referralsBusiness networking is a great tool for growing your business and generating ongoing revenue.

At tmhr consulting we have not made a cold call in over 6 years and we use business networking to grow our business. Here are 10 business networking rules we use on an going basis:

  1. Use second person in your business communications.
  2. Earn the right to give out your business card.
  3. Concentrate on network of your business working partners.
  4. Show what you do by helping your business networking partners.
  5. Be the first to provide a referral.
  6. Get to know your business networking partners.
  7. Send business networking emails.
  8. Follow up on any of your referrals.
  9. Build a list of keywords to trigger referrals for your business partners.
  10. Be proud of any referral cheques you write.

Use we an us instead of me and I in all your communications. It is important that your business is perceived as a larger and established business and writing in second person is an easy way to help to increase the perceived size of your business.

Earn the right to give out your business card. At business networking events you want to talk to people, describe what you do and find out what they do. If do a good job of representing yourself and your business you will be asked for your card. Anyone who asks you for your business card is more likely to want to do business with you. It is also a much stronger position by waiting to be asked for your card.

Don’t concentrate on your networking partner but instead on their network. It might be easier to get business from your business networking partners but in the long term you will generate a stronger relationship with your business networking partners by not looking to them for business.

Help your networking partners as a way to show them how you work and what you can do. Think of helping your business networking partners as your marketing and your advertising of your services and products.

Be the first to provide a referral. Determine which business network partners you feel you can work with and look for referral opportunities for them.

Meet with your networking partners to find out what they do and the kind of customers or projects they are looking for.

When you find a opportunity for a business networking partner send an introductory email copying both the partner and the client to introduce them to one another.

Always follow up with any referral you have provided and if they have not followed up ask if there is anything you can do to help move it along.

Always follow up with a referral, once it has been in-progress, to make sure the work is being done to everyone’s satisfaction.

Make a list if keywords to listen for when talking to clients. You should have a set of keywords for each business networking partner you are working with. These keywords represent the services or products your business networking partner provide. You listen for your clients to mention that they need them. Then refer your client to the appropriate business partner.

Be proud of the referral cheques that you write. Every referral cheque means that someone referred business to you and you successfully completed it.

Positioning business networking as a way to help others makes growing your business a lot of fun.

How are you using business networking to grow your business? One is the one thing that makes your business networking work?

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