Live Chat Solution Recommendations

by tmhr consulting

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There are a large number of live chat solutions out there but there but in 2012 there seems to be two that are not only well respected but they are also well priced.

Our Recommendations would be either:

1. Zompim: Simpler but Comprehensive

Zopim Live Chat is an award winning web app that helps connect you with your website visitors. Enhance the customer service experience for your visitors by being there to chat when they need help. Get the insights you need and see who’s surfing your site right now, and who’s doing what.

One Operator per Month $20.00

live chat solutions for business

2. LiveHelpNow: More Complicated and Comprehensive

LiveHelpNow is focused on providing solutions to online commerce. These solutions include web based tools that enable a business to provide the same or better service than their often bigger and better financed competitors. We know the business market, have spent years managing sales and customer service operations and have applied that to LiveHelpNow suite of products.

One Operator per Month $21.00

Others that receive high mention are: Velaro ($99.95), Live Person ($99.95) and WebsiteAlive ($69.95). These are great products but they are much more expensive for the same or similar solutions.

If Enterprise solutions are more important than price then one of the above three might be a better choice.

What to Look for in Live Chat Support Software:

Host Environment

When a customer comes to your website, they have an initial reaction. You have designed your website to represent your company and your brand. That design should carry through the entire site, including your live chat window. Look for a live chat support software that allows you to customize everything about your chat window, from the pre-chat survey questions to the color scheme, buttons, canned messages, logo and more.

The main difference between the is price. The live chat companies sell operator licenses, which determine how many operators can be signed into the application and helping customers at one time. The price for an on-demand, web-based application is usually a monthly fee for the license. If you are planning to grow as a company, you need to consider live chat options that will grow with you.

Since the advent of the internet, the world has gotten smaller. People from around the globe can communicate with one another as if they are standing right next to each other. As an eCommerce business, you may produce products that appeal to customers on an international level. If so, you need to choose a live chat support software which has built-in, real-time language translation.

Operator Capabilities

You need to choose a live chat support application that offers the features you need to successfully communicate with your customers. It’s that simple. We do suggest that you choose an application with features that both the operator and customer benefit from, such as sound and visual alerts for incoming messages, a built-in spell checker and a typing indicator.

Tracking & Monitoring

With the right tools, you can collect rich information about online visitors, including the website or browser that referred them to your site and their click-through path. You can also see if the visitor has been on your website before, and if so, you can look up their past chat history.

Ease of Use

Not everyone is an HTML/JavaScript/CSS master, able to whip up a customized code in minutes and place it on your site. The majority of the live chat support applications that we reviewed are simple to use and require no or little coding experience. For the on-demand, web-based live help applications, the company will provide you with the code and API.

Help & Support

With live chat support services, you have all the tools you need to turn a first-time web visitor into a lifetime customer. You want to provide them the best service available. You need a live chat service that is also dedicated to providing you with the best help and support. Choose an application that has all the essentials, including access to a technical support telephone number and an email address. And, of course, a live chat support software should have live chat support.

Using live chat support software can be as easy as sending a text message from your phone or participating in an instant message conversation. And, not only can you answer the questions your customers have, but you can also retrieve statistical information that will benefit your company in marketing strategies. You can keep track of all the information and use it to increase the productivity of your online presence.


The implementation of a Live Chat solution would include the following steps:

  • Requirements and Analysis
  • Software Configuration and Testing
  • Admin and Operator Testing
  • Admin and Operator Training
  • Web Site Implementation (one Location)
  • Go Live
  • Post Evaluation

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