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by tmhr consulting

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I thought you might be interested in seeing an image I took using my iPhone and our new iToon Maker, Best Camera Effects app.

It was a lucky shot but the iToons filter makes the image look more powerful. Fred is such a wonderful pet I may be a little bias.

iToon Maker is an excellent and free video and photo photo editor app that will turn your photos and videos into a real time cartoon or other formats.

free iphone photo appYou can apply real-time cartoon and effects to your camera feed and record video to create amazing and unique artistic photography and movie creations. Save your unique creations through email, your image gallery, facebook, Twitter, Instagram , etc. without leaving iToon Maker.

Features Summary:

  • Choose from multiple cartoon, many other effects – Customize your creations by adjusting the effects scroll bar.
  • Create unique photos and record videos and see them with a real-time effects preview.
  • Save your unique creations and share them with your friends.

Your photo and video world can now be transformed into a cartoon, other formats like line sketch, or transform it with other cool camera effects.

Show us some of the pictures you have been able to create with this app, share them here, or on our facebook page.

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