Complete Custom Application Project In Spite of Challenges

by tmhr consulting

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how to manage client expectations during a web development projectWe finally have a handle on the Grievance application we have been developing for one of our clients. This project has been a lot tougher than it should have been but it seems as though we have run into every conceivable issue in trying to get this project completed.

Major custom application challenges

A small sample of some of the problems that we have had to resolve are:

  • The client drops out of site for nine months for political reasons.
  • The original programmer wrote too many rules into the application code and therefore made it a nightmare to use.
  • The original programmer disappeared when the client stopped the project.
  • The client made major requirements changes to the grievance application.
  • The hosting company being used for the grievance application was not able to support the grievance application properly.
  • It was found that the original code for the grievance application was not up to the task and needed fixing.

At tmhr consulting we took these issues as a challenge and we were successfully able to complete the presentation to the client of the successfully working grievance application.

Easy and simple to use grievance application

The grievance application took an existing solution that was so difficult to use that only the unit chair was willing to deal with it. The other users refused to use it. We made it simple to use, easy to report on and flexible enough to deal with the many changes required by the client. It was also easy enough to use that no supporting user manual was required.

Custom application solutions

We were able to respond to the client’s request to complete the grievance application, and find a replacement programmer. We documented and corrected the required application changes and we were able to find and replace the hosting company while also improving the quality of the hosting solution.

We were very pleased that our client was willing to work with us to successfully complete the grievance application.

What is your experience with getting custom applications developed? Have you been able to successfully get your applications developed and implemented?

Please share your experiences in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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