How to Hire a Graphic Designer

by tmhr consulting

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There are a number of times when we have had to find and hire a graphical designer for a particular project. This can be difficult sometimes because it means that you have to hire someone site unseen. Normally we have a number of different resources to choose from that we have already worked with.

how to interview a contractor

Recently we had to interview and hire a graphical artist because all the moral resources we work with we’re busy.

Number of Resources to Interview

So we did our research through a number of different sources and we had about 30 different graphic designers to interview. We knew that all the candidates were good at what they did, so we only had to concentrate on who they were and find the best resource for the team. The difficulty was that we could not interview the candidates in person.

Eliminate those with Incorrect Style

We did not have a lot of time so the first thing we did was go through all the resumes and portfolios and eliminate the ones whose portfolio did not match the design style that we knew the customer would be looking for.

Eliminate Expensive Resources

The second thing we did was go through the resumes and eliminate the ones that were too expensive. We had a limited budget and therefore we could not afford a really expensive resource. We had to eliminate some really excellent graphic designers but we could not afford a Ferrari priced resource.

Now we were left with about 8 really strong candidates that we thought could do the job for the price that would still allow us to a bit of a profit and have a happy customer.

Skype Chat Interview

The next thing we did was setup Skype chats with the designers one at a time. Our goal was to find the resource that was available, responsive and worked well with others. We talked to them about their latest projects, what they were doing in the project and what they liked and didn’t like in the project. Once a candidate started to talk about their project activities it was easier to get them to open up and talk more about their activities.

After the chat sessions with the final candidates we were able to narrow our choice down to two candidates and just had to choose one.

Criteria to Find Winner
There were a couple of things that we used to determine the winning candidates:

  • How fast they were able to answer our chat questions.
  • How accurately they answered our questions.
  • The level of respect and loyalty they showed for their customers.
  • How they were able to show that they were a team player.

Waiting for Project to Start

The project has not started yet but we now have another great resource for graphical design for any other future projects.

So have you ever had to quickly hire a resource for a project? How did you do it? What went right? What went wrong? Please share your experience in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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