How to Troubleshoot During Application Development

by tmhr consulting

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One solution to troubleshoot a problem is making a change to one of the connecting components and see if the problem is solved. You need to understand all of the components that are involved and change them one at a time.

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Another is to take one of the connecting components and move it to somewhere else to see if the problem follows or is moved with that component.

One of the main issues I see when people are having a problem with trouble shooting a problem is that they change more than one thing at a time.

There is nothing more frustrating than having solved a problem and not knowing what the solution was because you changed too many thing during the resolution process.

The other issue I see often is not having the ability or the willingness to let others provide their feedback and ideas for solving a problem. As long as there is a logical organized approach to solving a problem it can help to have more than just one head and set of hands working on the solution.

When you are swapping out replacement components do not always assume that the new component is good. I can think of at least three situations where we had to replace a component three times before we had a good one.

So don’t ever assume.

That is a simple description of a few troubleshooting tips but I am sure you have many more. Tell us about how you solved a problem: What was the one thing that you did that allowed you to solve the problem?

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