Need to get it Out of your Head

by tmhr consulting

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project management communication tipsThe whole process of blogging can be a very daunting task. If you are not a writer per se like myself you struggle to get the information written in time for it to be published in time.

Creating blog entry

Last week I was writing a blog entry about about a vendor product. I had put the text content together but I wanted to add a couple of relevant images to break up the content and show off the product functionality. So I grabbed a couple of screen prints, saved them as image files using what I thought were meaningful names.

I sent the blog entry and the image files to get them uploaded onto my blog.

Ensure you names you images files clearly

I then got a message from the person who was setting up my blog entry asking me to explain which files should go into which position. When I saw that note my initial reaction to get pissed off because there were only three images, I named them and so it should be obvious how and where the images should be

When I truly took the time to review the blog entry and the image files I understood why she was having a problem determining where and how to use them.

Make sure you include all your changes

When I originally took the screen shots I had an idea as to how they would be used and named them accordingly. The problem is that I then made a change to how the blog entry was to be written and did not change the images accordingly. So it ended up that there were three images but only two of them were still usable.

So why am I telling you all this relatively uninteresting information?

There are a lot of times when we think we have been very clear in our communications to others but many times we have not shared all the information with those that need that information.

Communicate clearly and thoroughly

So when you have something that you need others to do for you take a moment and make sure you have not only communicated clearly but make sure you have shared all those mental notes and changes that get completed in your head but sometimes are not shared.

Sorry Terri , I will try to do a better job next time. 

Now that I have spilled the beans on one of my recent issues, tell us how you make sure your communications are clear and complete.

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