Team Building for Mobile Games

by tmhr consulting

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mobile application development torontoDesigning and developing mobile video games can be very risky and time consuming, but a lot of fun.

Mobile game styles and themes

At tmhr consulting we have been designing and developing mobile games for a number of months now. The game styles including runner shooter, runner, space shooter and themes range from ninja, zombie pirates, space, etc.

Web development similar to game development

We have been designing and developing custom web applications for many years so we have been able to apply that knowledge to our game design and development.

Hiring a design and development team

One thing that was a surprise for us was how much of a learning curve we had to climb in getting our games completed, the other thing we had to learn was how to hire and build our teams.

B2C vs B2B

The interesting change for developing mobile games is that it is a b2c (business to consumer) relationship whereas all of our other effects are primarily b2b (business to business). This is something that we will get more into once we have the games published.

Lessons learned

Some of the things that we have continued to learned during our team building efforts are:

  • Find people that are motivated to do a good job.
  • Beware of agencies.
  • Always get a quote before paid work starts.
  • Always ask for a concept drawing or image from your artist.
  • Don’t assume that the less expensive artist or programmer will result in a less expensive project cost.
  • Continually ask questions of your programmers to make sure they understood what asked them to do.
  • Understand that when using chat to communicate you cannot see emotions.
  • Get to know your consultants on a more personal level.
  • Treat your consultants like employees and not off shore consultants.

Treat consultants like employees

By treating your consultants better they will be more apt to come back and you might even want to hire them on a regular basis.

Next blog topic

Come back next week and we will talk to you about our lessons learned about designing and developing our mobile games and our new adventure social MMO War game.

Promote brand with mobile game

Have you thought about using a mobile game to promote your brand or business? Let us know about your idea and maybe we can help you make it happen.

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