The Value of Sharing Knowledge Building Trust with your Client

by tmhr consulting

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communicating clearly with clientsThere is a big value we put on sharing our experience and knowledge with our client and their key personnel. This not only helps to build a good rapport between our two teams it helps increase the knowledge and experience of the clients team for taking over and maintaining the system in the future.

In many cases this sharing and building teamwork can be difficult at first because of internal politics, fear of losing their job, and over all lack of trust.

The best way to start is by being honest, listening to others ideas and showing that you really do care about their system as if it was your own.

Other Trust Building Items
A few other things that will help build that trust are:

  • Explaining the project plan in plain English.
  • Making sure each and every team member knows what is expected of them.
  • Sharing technical information.
  • Being very upfront about major issues and problems.
  • Work harder than anyone else on the team.
  • Avoid internal politics.

Get you through the Tough Times
The building of that level of trust will help get you through those times that always happen during a project. It is those times during a project when nerves are frayed, tempers are high and everyone is under pressure to get their stuff done.

Understand the Priorities
The ability to know what problems need to be fixed, in what order, and what problems can wait is also a very important skill when dealing with the two project teams.

Builds on Your Success
So once you have built up your level of trust, continued your level of sharing of information and worked as a team member and leader of the project you will see a majority of your projects finishing successfully on a regular basis.

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