Why Firing a Partner Shouldn’t be your First Resort

by tmhr consulting

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building strong partner relationshipsWhen trying to come up with a blog entry this week I was thinking about what has happened but more importantly what we have done for our clients.

Partner was not doing his job

The one thing we have been working on is a demonstration mobile application for one of our partners as a proof of concept. The problem we were having is getting output, feedback and results from one of our development partners.

We are still in the demonstration phase of the project. This just means that most of the costs are either absorbed by us or the partner unless we have a paying customer to share.

Three things to fix bad partner situation

So when this happens with a design, development or integration partner we have a couple of ways to fix the problem.

Fire the partner
Find out why and if not reasonable then fire the partner. Explain your disappointment and ask why the partnership should continue.

We prefer 3.

If we get the right response and the partner continues where they left off and starts producing results then we continue on as if nothing happened. If we get push back, excuses indicating that it is not their fault, etc. Then we resort to 1.

We chose to discuss the issues

In this case this week we chose 3. And we got a great reaction and feedback
from our development partner and we have continued right from where left

Since our discussion the developer has done some great work and our client is going to be very happy. The developer is also doing some game design and development work for us and the new game is well on its way.

There was a personal issue

It turned out that there were some personal issues that our development partner was having to deal with and he was afraid to tell us because we might just give up on him and fire him.

Building a relationship is a long term solution

It certainly is easier to fire someone when they stop producing but we at tmhr consulting like to invest in our partners, not only with our money, but with our time and like to build relationships with our team members.

Talk about more than just work

We certainly don’t expect to be best of buddies but it is very important to remember that they have families and personal lives just like we do and it is important to expect that sometimes the family must take priority over work.

We don’t like to have to tell a client that a project might be delayed because the developer’s child is sick and most of the time we have allowed for those setbacks or we have a backup who can take over temporarily.

Sometimes it does happen and we like to support our team members when they need it.

In the long run this helps our company and the interests of our clients.

Relationship building pays off

So when a partner falls down and doesn’t respond immediately or is behind in their work, don’t immediately think the worst. There could be a good reason for it and this might the time when they really need your support to get over it and come back to you with not only the expected work competed, but because you were there for them when they needed it, they will do an even better job for you and your clients because of it.

Tell us your story

Now tell us when was the last you had an issue with a partner and how you handled it? What was the one thing you did to fix the issue?

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