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by tmhr consulting

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custom app developer torontoHere is an update on the latest Custom Games and Apps Published by tmhr consulting.

Peel Scrap Metal Recycling App

The one mobile app that we designed and developed for a client is the Peel Scrap Metal Recycling App Press Release. This app is an extension from the Peel Scrap Metal Recycling website we designed, developed and continue to maintain.

Scrap Metal Prices

We implemented an integration from the peel scrap metal recycling internal server and the web server. This integration allows us to maintain a copy of the scrap metal recycling prices and display four of them on the web site home page and 17 of them on the mobile app. These scrap metal prices are updated on an hourly basis.

Warehouse Directions

The other feature we implemented was an automatically updated map for both peel scrap metal recycling warehouse to provide directions from the iPhone/iPad location.

Meds Life Cycle app

Another mobile app that was successfully published on iTunes App Store is our app to prevent medication dispensing errors (free with ads) and Meds Life Cycle Pro (paid without ads). This app was created as a result of the president of tmhr consulting experiencing a medication dispensing error in 2006.

The app helps users manage multiple patients, prescriptions, medications and renewals. This app helps prevent medication dispensing errors and manages and scheduled the taking of medications.

There are plans to design and development a medication compliance app and augmenting the Meds Life Cycle functionality.

Come back and find out about more apps and games we have published.

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