Team Building for Mobile Games

mobile application development toronto

Designing and developing mobile video games can be very risky and time consuming, but a lot of fun. Mobile game styles and themes At tmhr consulting we have been designing and developing mobile games for a number of months now. The game styles including runner shooter, runner, space shooter and themes range from ninja, zombie [...]

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Why Firing a Partner Shouldn’t be your First Resort

building strong partner relationships

When trying to come up with a blog entry this week I was thinking about what has happened but more importantly what we have done for our clients. Partner was not doing his job The one thing we have been working on is a demonstration mobile application for one of our partners as a proof [...]

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Need to get it Out of your Head

project management communication tips

The whole process of blogging can be a very daunting task. If you are not a writer per se like myself you struggle to get the information written in time for it to be published in time. Creating blog entry Last week I was writing a blog entry about about a vendor product. I had [...]

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AppStoreRankings – Worth a Serious Review

analyze competitors keywords tool

One of the things that we at tmhr consulting were struggling with is the SEO aspect and how it is different from SEO on the web side. It took some time but one of the apps that kept coming up over and over again was AppStoreRankings. So we decided to take a look at what [...]

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The Number One Reason Why Consultants Fail

IT project manager toronto

I just wanted to pass on this amazing revelation that I received from an article from Perry Marshall. One of the things I have learned over the past years since starting my consulting business in 1995 is that not everyone is cut out to be a consultant. It is not that being a consultant is [...]

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Mobile Video Games Design and Development

video game development contractor

Things have been really busy here at tmhr consulting as we get the mobile video games ramped up. Trials and Tribulations of Mobile Games Development We have a number of games going through the final design process and the testing of the game play. Many of the issues we have had to deal with initially [...]

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Successful Projects need Successful Communications

IT project management communication tips

There are a large number of things that we as project managers can do to help ensure that our projects are moving along and the right tasks are getting done on time. Working with off shore resources Many of our contractors are located off shore and we are not able to communicate with them in [...]

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Network Infrastructure Audit and Report

steps to follow during a network infrastructure audit

We just finished a very difficult project that involved a complete network infrastructure for a client in a very specific low margin market. Our mission was to study the current network infrastructure, the current co-location provider, but also determine what infrastructure would be required to allow the client to grow to 10 times their current [...]

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Make them Hear what you Mean

how to communication with development team members

There are a number of times when you will write or say something that you think is very clear and concise. The problem is that it is not good enough for you to just write or say it you must ensure that your audience, whether they are a client or partner, actually understood what you [...]

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Custom Software Development: A Phased Approach

web application development toronto

There are a number if things that need to be done when taking over or restarting a custom application development project. The first thing is determining whether any of the existing code is worth saving. Is development team worth saving? The second thing to do is determine whether the existing development team is salvageable. If [...]

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