Complete Custom Application Project In Spite of Challenges

how to manage client expectations during a web development project

We finally have a handle on the Grievance application we have been developing for one of our clients. This project has been a lot tougher than it should have been but it seems as though we have run into every conceivable issue in trying to get this project completed. Major custom application challenges A small [...]

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Hosting Partner helps Hacked Client Website

protecting your business website from hackers

Yesterday one of our clients called us in a panic. They were called by a number of their clients because there was a warning on their website and they didn’t know what to do.

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Hiring the Right Developer for the Right Job

tips for interviewing contractors

There are some interesting things that we have learned these past couple of weeks about hiring the right developer for the right job. Since we have been in the custom software development business we have worked with many developers. One thing we have found over and over again is that it is more important to [...]

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Mobile Game Development

mobile application development toronto

It has been very interesting at tmhr consulting as we ramp up our mobile resources for our venture into mobile game development. We are not the custom web development company to realize that we had to increase our mobile development skills. We had an opportunity to get involved in mobile game development and we jumped [...]

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When and How to Fire a Client

how to fire a client

I just had a very difficult discussion with one of our development partners. He had called me because he wanted some advice and help with one of his customers. At first he was asking me to help him with this customer because he was having a very tough time trying to deal with his demeanor [...]

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How to Hire a Graphic Designer

how to interview a contractor

There are a number of times when we have had to find and hire a graphical designer for a particular project. This can be difficult sometimes because it means that you have to hire someone site unseen. Normally we have a number of different resources to choose from that we have already worked with. Recently we had to interview [...]

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Why the Web is not the Same as Desktop Publishing

web application development toronto

It is interesting that at this time we are still having to make graphic designers understand that website designs created in Photoshop or inDesign or Quark etc. might not look exactly the same on the web. The graphic design process is very complex and creates specific designs to solve very specific problems. But many times [...]

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How to Free Up More of Your Time

outsourcing to grow your business

There are a lot of things that need to be done when you are running your own business. The problem is that there are not usually a lot of people to get everything done except yourself. If you want your business to grow you need to learn how to outsource or delegate tasks to others [...]

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How to Troubleshoot During Application Development

web application development toronto

One solution to troubleshoot a problem is making a change to one of the connecting components and see if the problem is solved. You need to understand all of the components that are involved and change them one at a time. Another is to take one of the connecting components and move it to somewhere [...]

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10 Business Networking Rules to Help Grow Your Business

how to get and give more business partner referrals

Business networking is a great tool for growing your business and generating ongoing revenue. At tmhr consulting we have not made a cold call in over 6 years and we use business networking to grow our business. Here are 10 business networking rules we use on an going basis: Use second person in your business [...]

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