How to Free Up More of Your Time

by tmhr consulting

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There are a lot of things that need to be done when you are running your own business. The problem is that there are not usually a lot of people to get everything done except yourself.

outsourcing to grow your business

If you want your business to grow you need to learn how to outsource or delegate tasks to others that you trust. You usually cannot afford to hire someone at the beginning.

In running your own business you are usually used to getting others to do work for you:

  • Vendors get product or services to you or your customers.
  • Partners get things done for you and your customers.
  • Getting customers to agree to your ideas.

We understand that we need to get an accountant to do our books and our taxes but it is the other things that take up so much time and take us away from running our business that we need to take a look at outsourcing.

Tasks to consider outsourcing might be:

  • Organizing paperwork
  • Organizing your records and business papers
  • Sending email campaigns
  • Submitting blog entries
  • Helping with social media and other marketing
  • Making sales calls
  • Organizing events
  • Lead generation
  • Website content changes
  • Managing projects
  • Clean your office

As the owner of your business you need to take a look at the tasks you can get done by someone else for less money than you can earn during that same time.

So if you can earn $100 an hour on average and you can get many of your extra tasks done by someone else for $30 or less an hour then it will pay you the difference to have those tasks outsourced.

Take a look at all things you now spend your time on to run your business and if they are not doing anything to grow or expand your business then you should be looking to outsource those tasks.

Of course the natural fear is that as you outsource your tasks you will loose control. But what this does is allow you to spend your time reviewing the work and looking for problems, missing items, etc. The review should take you much less time and it should allow you to catch problems that you might have missed if you also had to complete the task.

What tasks have you outsourced? Did you experience any problems when you first outsourced your tasks?

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