Mobile Video Games Design and Development

by tmhr consulting

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Things have been really busy here at tmhr consulting as we get the mobile video games ramped up.

Trials and Tribulations of Mobile Games Development

We have a number of games going through the final design process and the testing of the game play. Many of the issues we have had to deal with initially have to deal with simple issues such as:

  • endless runner game platforms not being formatted properly
  • helicopter shooter game bullets fire not being animated properly
  • characters being too large
  • character animation not displaying properly
  • character being top down view whereas the background images are side view
  • background images not being seamless
  • game sounds not matching the game play
  • game sounds not repeating properly

Luckily our designers and developers are great and we continue to get updates to the graphics and development code for our games.

New Mobile Video Games Coming Out

We are pretty excited about the games that are being worked on:video game development contractor

  • endless runner
  • space shooter
  • zombie fighter
  • ninja fighter
  • tunnel fighter
  • etc.

We also have some other games that we are working on but we can’t release the details yet.

In addition to our mobile video games we are also working on our medslifecycle app that will help patients not only mange the complete life cycle of their prescription medications but will help prevent prescription medication errors.

Manage Life Cycle of Prescription Medicines

Medslifecycle was designed by the president of tmhr consulting, Terry Lewis. It is based on his personal experience of going through a prescription error situation where he was given the wrong prescription medicine. He received Anti-seizure medicine instead of Anti-Uric-acid medicine. Even if the medslifecycle app only helps prevent one person from experiencing a prescription medication error then it will be worth the cost of creating the app.

application development

So now back to work but as our app and games come online we will be sure to keep you up to date.

Let us know about your mobile games or if you have any ideas for an app or mobile video game let us know and we can help you get it designed and developed.

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