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by tmhr consulting

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mobile application development torontoIt has been very interesting at tmhr consulting as we ramp up our mobile resources for our venture into mobile game development.

We are not the custom web development company to realize that we had to increase our mobile development skills.

We had an opportunity to get involved in mobile game development and we jumped right in because we saw it as a great opportunity to not only design and develop mobile games but also to further our knowledge of monetizing those games.

What has surprised us was that the more we learn about mobile games the more we learn about what mobile devices can do and how that knowledge can be translated into other mobile apps for our customers.

We have a number of mobile games being developed as we write this blog entry but we will keep the specifics of the games to ourselves for now.

Some of the game styles are:

  • 360 shooter
  • Space shooter
  • Endless runner
  • Zombie space shooter
  • Tilt avoidance
  • Etc.

Something else that we have been working on is a app to help prevent patients from taking or renewing the wrong prescription medication.

The app we are just in the design stage is an app to help in the kitchen and the grocery store. It should be very interesting once we start testing this app.

It is always interesting when we go into a new design and development field. There is always a tendency to just jump in and do what you can but we prefer to go it a little slower, build our team with not only a great skill set but with great people as well.

We are getting there and we feel that we are poised to take on any mobile game or app development project that comes our way.

Stay tuned for more details. In the meantime tell us what is your favourite mobile game and why you like it in the comments below, or on our Facebook page.

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