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Business Web Development & Complete Communications

Especially valuable are his responsiveness, and his ability to solve problems as they arise.

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tmhr consulting inc is designed to provide complete communications solutions and business web application development for the way companies need to do business today.

tmhr is a complete communications solution resource that will help you with business web development needs and assist your business grow in cyberspace or any other space you need to fill.

Through our core skills and a dedicated group of associated companies we can deliver effective solutions across the entire spectrum of web, social media & conventional media.

Your Challenges Could Include:

  • The upgrading of older, less search engine friendly web sites
  • Making your web site work harder to build your business
  • Adding business processes such as eCommerce & User Registration  
  • Marketing your products or services on the Internet
  • Gaining the ability to make changes on your site without a need for a programmer and related fees
  • Your web site does not seem to provide the revenue your expect
  • Getting a ‘broken’ web site project back on track
  • Acquiring 411 support for your Internet technology strategy
  • Adding pizzazz and meaningful content to Your Web presence
  • Correct Content Alignment between Customers and Products
  • The need for access to senior level communication and development    specialists
  • Creating business building synergy between online & offline     communications & corporate identity

tmhr Services Include:

Experienced, Entrepreneurial & Down to Earth People

The individuals who comprise tmhr are among the most successful and experienced communications entrepreneurs in the industry. Free of joint venture politics, contractor/subcontractor difficulties and other roadblocks, our team is able to focus on creating the best communications solutions for our clients in the most efficient and effective way.

Working together in a small or large team, we can create fully integrated communications programs that work the way they are supposed to work.

Affordability Is An Important Part Of Our Mandate

Unlike ad agencies and marcoms, tmhr consulting is a virtual corporation, which can mean savings of anywhere from 40 to 60% on every project vs. the cost of doing business with more conventionally structured companies with high overheads & many employee salaries to cover.

At tmhr consulting, our teams are put together on an as-needed basis, comprised of professionals who hit the ground running, quickly learn to understand client challenges and have the ability & experience to consistently provide viable & cost effective solutions.