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Especially valuable are his responsiveness, and his ability to solve problems as they arise.

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Business Web Design, Development, Integration and Internet Marketing

High Quality Business Web Development Work & Friendly Client Service @ tmhr consulting inc.

Since 1995, tmhr consulting inc. has proven that providing high quality and friendly client service are the keys to thriving in our business web development and optimization company. These qualities are why our clients work with us and continue to come back to us time and again.

Our quality of service can be dimensionalized in the following ways:


When asked, the majority of clients will site reliability as the most significant problem they have do deal with from their service providers. At tmhr, reliability isn’t just an aspect of our business, it’s an intrinsic part of our individual characters. You either have it or you don’t. And if you don’t you simply cannot thrive doing business web development and internet optimization and communications solutions.

We treat our clients as we would want to be treated ourselves. And when we take on a project or an account it’s a 24/7 responsibility that we take every bit as seriously as our clients.


At tmhr, there is always, someone to talk to who can deal with whatever issues you may have.

We don’t believe in taking on more work than we can handle and slowing down our clients processes as a result. This is another area of client aggravation that we always do our best to avoid and make ourselves available when needed.


There are no juniors at tmhr. Nobody at tmhr or its associated companies is learning business web development or internet optimization at your expense. Every single person is a seasoned professional with a combination of great listening skills, sharp business acumen and finely tuned instincts.

Our experience base can, and often does, help our clients avoid pitfalls that less experienced suppliers will invariably stumble into, thereby slowing down the process and making objectives that much harder to achieve.

Our experience makes it relatively easy for us to translate technology so our clients can understand it in a business context, which is an important key to making it work for them.


Professionalism embodies a number of positive characteristics we we all have worked hard over the years to develop.

It embodies the ability to listen actively to our clients. To learn their business before we start to develop opinions and insights, and to always respect the work they have done to bring their businesses to the levels they have already achieved.

It embodies the drive to keep our technology and creative skills and knowledge on the cutting edge our industry.

It embodies confidence in the recommendations we make and the executional solutions we create.

And it also embodies a willingness to do whatever it takes to satisfy the needs of our clients and help their businesses grow and guarantee the quality of our work unconditionally.